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Brennan Construction was instrumental in transforming the City of Mankato’s former mass transit building, the “bus barn”, into a world class museum. Mike, Cathy, and their team always maintained the project cost and timing. Renovating an old building brings many surprises, and we were grateful for Brennan Construction’s experience and expertise with building renovations. They respect old buildings. Another important benefit is that Brennan Construction maintained harmony and good working relationships among all contractors and subs; not an easy task especially when timing and money are


Peter Olson
Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota


As the Architectural principle in charge for [The Children's Museum of Southern Minnesota] project, working with Brennan Companies through all design phases of the project allowed us to design the project utilizing the latest technologies in materials and building systems for this state of the art facility. Through the efforts of the team we were able to design and construct a highly sustainable and high performing building while maintaining the client’s budget, a very difficult challenge considering the project was a renovation of an existing County Shop building built in the 1940’s."

Bryan Paulsen
I+S Group


From the onset, it was a pleasure to work with such a professional and detail-orientated group at Brennan Construction.  Our EI Microcircuits building project was under a very strict build schedule, which your group not only took on the challenge but met our deadline, while not compromising quality in any aspect of the building process.  Throughout the project you consistently showed excellence in coordination, cooperation, and teamwork.  We at EI Microcircuits hold Brennan Construction in the highest regard for professionalism and integrity.

Rob Else

Owner, EI Microcircuits



We have known and worked with Brennan Companies for several years.  The work they have done with us has been for schools/colleges throughout the State of Minnesota.  


It has been our experience that Brennan Companies has the skills, knowledge, equipment, and trained manpower, along with the financial ability to be awarded projects and contracts to perform these services.  They have been involved in numerous MnSCU projects at various college campuses.  They are also aware of the MnSCU design standards and pay strict attention to ensuring the proper detailing.  


We would recommend Brennan Companies due to their abilities to effectively manage these projects to ensure that they were completed successfully.

Chuck Schuh




Brennan Construction was selected as our contractor for our project at Sleepy Eye Medical Center.  I had never had the opportunity to work with them before so I was not sure what to expect.  From the beginning I have been impressed with their organization.  Their work has always been professional and they have adhered to our expectations related to performing constuction work in a healthcare facility, which can be difficult.  Their staff has been fantastic to work with on a daily basis.  We communicate on a regular basis and their responses to our concerns have always been timely.  I would recommend them to anyone considering a construction project.

Kevin Sellheim

Administrator/CEO, Sleepy Eye Medical Center



We have been fortunate to work with Mike Brennan and his crew on several projects dating as far back as 2001.  Their professionalism and integrity is outstanding.  Mr. Brennan is a gifted GC who takes great care in making sure that the owners' interests are protected while striving to complete the project on time and within budget.  


Throughout the course of each project, Brennan Construction is safety conscious and is absolutely clear in their record keeping.  Brennan Construction chooses and manages their subcontractors well.  They create a team atmosphere with their subcontractors.  They are able to make each individual worker feel respected and appreciated.  Throughout the projects, Brennan Construction consistently shows their excellence in coordination, cooperation, and teamwork.  In doing so, this makes the projects flow much easier for all involved.  


We at Mechanical Resources, Inc. are proud to have built a positive rapport with Brennan Construction, and look forward to working with him in the future.

Tim Haley

President, MRI



Over the course of time, I began to see that customer satisfaction was something that Brennan Companies established as a very high standard for themselves, and not only because they had to for others.  A positive, pleasant attitude of "we can do that!" is something that pervades their entire organization.  As a commercial architect of over thirty-four years, I cannot express enough the pleasure and successes that derive from that kind of attitude and spirit.  Through work at I&S Group, as wells as social and civic involvements with Mike and Cathy Brennan, I learned more about them, their values, and business-like approach to projects, whether they were for public, private, of for non-profit organizations.  These people take a vested interest in their projects and the relationships they form with people and the communitites in which they are involved 

Mark Cipos

I&S Group



Our company has worked with Brennan Construction for over a decade on more than 75 projects.  During that time, we have always found the entire Brennan Construction staff to be very professional to work with.  


Brennan Construction is adept at working with customers and subcontractors on projects that are both strictly specified as well as projects that are set up on fast track design-build schedule.  Brennan Construction communicates well with its subcontractors, and from our perspective, balances their responsibility to keep their customers needs and interests first with their subcontractors need for direction and organization of projects.  


I would highly recommend Brennan Construction to any customer planning a commercial construction project. 

Dave Munson

Owner, Floor to Ceiling



Kato Cable had a very aggressive construction schedule. We had to be in the building and manufacturing product on November 1st, leaving less than three months for the total construction period. Brennan Construction achieved this goal with flying colors. In spite of the aggressive schedule, we were still able to collectively make several modifications and enhancements to the building giving us a show piece manufacturing facility. Brennan Construction made this a truly exciting and enjoyable experience.”

Eric Else

Kato Cable


Restoration of the Landkamer Building and the development and build- out of our new office space required a leap of faith by both Gislason & Hunter, and Brennan Companies.  The project began with what could be called a good old fashioned hand shake, and the details were actually hammered out during the construction process.  We have a great Landlord – Tenant relationship with Brennan, and are proud to be in one of the finest office buildings and locations in southern Minnesota.

Andrew Willaert

Gislason & Hunter, LLP



“I recently served as Chairman of the Building Remodel Committee for our church, Centenary United Methodist Church of Mankato, MN.  Having worked in the commercial construction industry for the last 19 years, I have experience working with many local and regional General Contractor’s.


Over the duration of our project I spent countless hours working with Mike Brennan regarding the details of our project.  During this time it became evident that Brennan Construction was dedicated to our project and our staff.

Brennan Construction exhibited quality craftsmanship in the construction of our building, but more importantly the Brennan Construction personnel went above and beyond the project scope to make sure our staff was clean and comfortable at a time when our building looked like a disaster area.  Our congregation had very little clue that major construction was happening because of the efforts of Brennan Construction to clean the areas used for worship each Friday.


I’m happy to report that our project was completed on-time and within 1% of the proposed budget.  We have the highest respect for the difficult job that they performed and highly recommend Brennan Construction for any commercial construction project.

David Peterson

Centenary United Methodist Church



“During the construction phase of our church, Mike Brennan and his crew performed quality work in a timely manner.  Mike Brennan and his site foreman held and attended weekly meetings with the church building committee to keep us apprised of the progress of construction.  We found Mr. Brennan to be fiscally responsible during this process and he was willing to be flexible in minor changes to the construction plans.  We would highly recommend Brennan Construction Company for the construction of your project.  We would hire Brennan Construction for any future building projects, should the opportunity arise.

Brian Block

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Building Committee



“Having known and worked with Mike (Brennan) for many years, I’ve seen many examples of Mike’s strong leadership skills – from the projects he works on professionally to his position as Associate Teaching Director of the Community Bible Study, he believes in giving his best.  We’re working together on the Marigold project in North Mankato and have a shared enthusiasm for what the development of this site will bring to the City Center.  He’s set high standards for excellence on-site and has kept the project moving despite potential delays.  He showed strong leadership recently, having to terminate a subcontractor for not complying with these high standards.  Mike also has shown his depth of experience and insight by identifying ways to cut costs while maintaining efficiency and without sacrificing quality.”

Vanyo Moody

Owner/Developer of The Marigold



“One of my primary concerns during the construction process was to the nursing home residents living in the ‘construction zone’ as well as the employees who needed to work there.  The construction workers were respectful to the elderly clientele and maintained a safe environment for themselves and those around them. . . . The workers were gentle and respectful in their interactions and it reinforced to me that we had selected a contractor with similar values to those that drive our company and services.


The timeline of the entire project was driven by a deadline for one-time discretionary federal/state funds, resulting in condensed design, bidding, and construction schedules. . . .  Brennan Construction was accommodating to this process and worked with us to have as little disruption to our provision of services as possible. 


I am ecstatic with the end results of the project. . . . Together we have built a building that will provide a home to our parents, family, friends, and neighbors.  Thank you for leaving your mark on this community.”

Susan Kratzke

The Thro Company/Mankato House



“Brennan Construction completed our project within the scheduled timeline as well as within the planned cost.  Throughout this project, the Brennan Construction team did an excellent job in communicating as well as coming up with innovative solutions.  I would recommend Brennan to anyone who is looking at doing a time sensitive and complex project”.

Kurt Meyer, CMA

VP and CFO

Minnesota Elevator, Inc.




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